Welcome to the Parent Resource Site for Northwest Ohio

Happy Baby is a listing of Northwest Ohio resources that serve pregnant and new mommies in their search for guidance and information about their newborns. From day cares and preschools to chiropractors, clothing boutiques, and photographers, this website is designed to help you understand what’s available to you in our area.

Happy Baby is an idea created by Amanda Truman owner of  Remember When Photography LLC, and Melissa Emmons owner of Crumb Coat LLC . After having their own children and not being able to find the information they desired, they felt the community of Northwest Ohio needed a place for new mothers to turn to during this incredible journey in their lives.

We are dedicated to helping new moms, no business pays for their listing on this site. It is meant to be a place that helps new mothers and is not meant for profit. The hope is this site will assist parents while at the same time, help the baby-focused businesses of Northwest Ohio grow and co-market for the maximum benefit of children in our community.

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