How to Design Your Home with Family Portraits

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  1. Decide where you want family photo art.You know when you get that “Wow” feeling when you see a beautiful decorations and images in a room? That is because the room has been coordinated well between the furniture and the art on the wall. So, take time and think about the room whether it’s a baby nursery, family room, or Childs bedroom.         Here are a few items to look at in the room.
  • Is the wood in the space dark, light, or midtone?
  • Are there any accent wall colors?
  • Is the furniture and other décor in the room neutral or have pops of color?
  • What textures are in the room that you can coordinate with?


–  Points to remember about color when deciding where to display:

  • The color in the images should work well in the space they are in.
  • When hanging multiple images make sure the colors in each photo are similar color tone so they are cohesive together and look well designed.


Lima Ohio newborn photographer


2. Decide how you want to display your family or baby photos.Before you start putting holes in your wall, you need to decide which images are going to be hung. Things to think about are:

  • Do you want a single image or multiple images
  • Do you want to incorporate other wall decor like shelves or wall lettering?

lima ohio baby photos


A single image is a simple, clean, and classic way to display a portrait. You definitely need to make sure the image is large enough to cover the space. If you choose a print with mat and frame, make sure the finished frame is large enough to cover the area to make a statement art you are going for. A Canvas image will give you a 3-D statement on the wall and can be hung without a frame, giving you a clean and modern look.

lima ohio newborn photos


  • Symmetric Displays

The even look is predictable look of symmetrical displays and is peaceful and logical. It is easy and simple to understand. Symmetrical is safe and gives our mid rest. It is a great way to tell a story with a series in a row or in a square.

lima ohio baby photography

  • Organic Displays

The asymmetry creates more interest and sparks the curiosity in our brains. Out of the ordinary captures our interest and appears to the rebel inside. Going against the grain can be refreshing, but needs to be purposeful so it maintains a sense of balance to draw our eye in.

lima ohio baby photos


3. Decide what you want to display with your family/ baby photos.Last thing you need to decide is what you would like to display with your images. If you have chosen to create an organic gallery you can integrate decorative elements and personal items into the gallery. A shelf, a letter, other personal items can really make your display unique and make it your own.

  1. IDEAS:
  • Floating shelves, with images propped on them
  • Special heirlooms from grandparents
  • Shadow boxes with babies hospital trinkets
  • Quotes and/or signs
  • Lettering with baby’s initials
  • Image blocks

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