Newborn Photography: how to make a baby smile.

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While we are never guaranteed a smile during our newborn photography sessions, sometimes we are lucky enough to capture the magical grin that we like to think of as baby’s first photographed grin. Maybe its gas or newborn reflux and in no way an emotional, but we are very happy to call it a real and true smile. Really what is sweater that a newborn baby smiling at just a few days old?

As a newborn photographer, in the past few years of capturing newborn photos we have acquired a few t tricks to encourage our newborn babies to smile in the studio during a photo session.  Often it happens on a whim and with a lot of patience and attention, but these 4 tricks sometimes result in the sweetest of baby smiles!

baby photographer delphos ohio

  1. Gently blow light air around their face. Sometimes the light movement of air with will tickle just enough to encourage a grin.
  2. Ever so softly brush your finger of side of your finger around the baby’s cheeks and on their cheeks and very gently encourage one corner of the lip upwards. Sometimes the rest of the mouth will follow into a smile.
  3. Gently whisper into baby’s ear- this seems to work best with mom’s voice especially with photos of baby and mom.
  4. Be patient and wait for the smile at the right time of sleep cycle (REM sleep). During this light and easily disturbed sleep the baby usually smiles when they enter or exit this stage of sleep. You can tell if your baby is in this stage by certain signs such as heavy breathing, eye movement, pucker up of lips and or frowns. When these signs are happening when baby is asleep you can bet a smile is near to come and perfect time for a photo.
  5. Again, we can never be guaranteed a smile from our sweet babies, but when they do bless us with a smile it is truly a magical time and wonderful to capture those images.newborn photographer van wert ohio

    baby photographer van wert ohio


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