How to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem With Photos.

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Most of us use photos of our family to keep the memories of our family alive in the years to come. But what if I told you they are more than just that to your children. The images of you and your children can help build their confidence in themselves. Yes, this is a very powerful aspects of family photography that is over looked by many. Many psychologists have studied this aspect of photography in connection with self-esteem.

One study was conducted with fourth graders in Tennessee. The students were instructed for 5 weeks to take Polaroid images of themselves in a variety of assigned poses and expressions which were then printed. The children worked with the printed images and created scrapbooks once a week. After the 5 weeks that students showed a significant increase in improved self-esteem behaviors.

Many Psychologists have used this into their treatment process with clients such as Judy Weiser and David Krauss by using personal images and family albums to assist in mental health counselling. Professor Geoff Beattie, head of school and Dean Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester stated “when children grow up surrounded by photographs, it gives them a richer understanding of where they come from, which helps with confidence.

Photographs are a major part of our children’s understanding of belongingness and the feeling of a safe place. When a child regularly sees an image of his or herself with their family they feel safe and sees them self as a valued part of that family unit. Children whose parents have family photographs around the home or in albums where its easy for the child to go through have a greater confidence level of them self. It is an important that the photos of the family are to be displayed in the home through a wall display, a framed photo on an end table or imaged in an album. This creates a social activity for the child to participate in by going through the images of him/herself and their family and asking questions about the family from the past years. It helps to understand and connect the memories they have and to understand the love and care the family has for them. Printed images are a safe and simple way for children to see the images rather through a tablet or phone where they might corrupt one day and be lost.

Also printed images where you and your children can touch the image is just like touching a book when you read. It is a sensory experience that is lost through a phone or tablet. Don’t you remember going through old images in your family’s album of vacations and holidays. That alone was a memorable time for you when you spent time with your family laughing about either how the styles have changed, how family members look have changed, or about the family even that was taken in the photo. Make sure your children can make those same memories of going through albums or prints in their hand that won’t be lost or destroyed the digital world.


Photographs are a way of connecting with our sense of self and with each other. Photographs are one way a family can connect with spending quality family time together through the experience of family images and when we look back at the photographs, we remember how we felt during that time.

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