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Entering parenthood is exciting and scary. We as parents wonder if we will know what our child will need when they need it. If we can comfort them when they are crying! Sometimes there is times when our little one is crying, and we can’t seem to get it right and feel frustrated and fatigued ourselves and feel like crying with them. Even with all the love we have for our babies we can get frustrated when these times come and feel like we have hope on comforting our baby. I am here to tell you that there are 5 ways that may be handy to you in these situations. They are called the 5 S’s by Dr. Harvey Karp which he talks about in his book The happiest Baby On The Block.

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1st S : Swaddleing

A baby who is warm and wrapped up is the first step to soothing your little one. This will help decrease fussiness and improve sleep. Even if you feel like you have tried this try it again with the rest of these steps. There has been many parents who have told us in studio that their newborn does not enjoy being wrapped tight but with the rest of the steps completed every baby that becomes fussy in studio has calmed with swaddling.

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Dreaming Baby Boy

2nd S : Side Lying

This step is not for a sleeping baby, but for one that needs to be calmed this works wonders. Holding a swaddled baby on their side, tummy, or over your shoulder can help relax slowly.

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3rd S: Shushing

This really help comfort a baby and help them sleep. White noise or shushing from you can mimic the noise a newborn might have heard in the womb. We love using a variety of ways to create this by The Baby Shusher, White noise app such as White Noise Baby. This App has a variety of noises from car ride to air conditioner.

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Sweet Baby Girl

4th S: Swinging

Swinging is a great way to calm your baby. You can do this by bouncing, swaying or rocking back and forth just make sure you do small gentle movements and support baby’s head during this.

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5th S:  Sucking

This is where a pacifier comes in. Breast fed babies love to fall asleep while they are feeding. Sucking is a wonderful way to help your little one finally fall asleep after all the other steps.

All the 5 S’s work great together and alone to help sooth your baby when they have a hard time soothing themselves. These steps help your little one to relax into their deep sleep that they need to help them grow and be healthy. So, keep these steps handy to help your baby get back to sleep especially during the middle of the night.

Read More about these steps on Dr. Kelp’s book on his website:  http://www.happiestbaby.com

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